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We provide a wide range of hair, nail and spa services. Our staff is dedicated to all aspects of beauty and style and helping you feel and look your best.

Our Services

What we do

We provide a wide range of hair, nail and spa services. Our staff is dedicated to all aspects of beauty and style and helping you feel and look your best.

The Shampoo

The shampoo experience is one of sheer pleasure. Our stylist will take their time and give you a shampoo that will leave you exhilarated. The shampoo is not just a shampoo, it’s an experience.

The Tea Tree Scalp Massage

Same as the shampoo with an additional ten minutes of a luxurious scalp massage. Best way to describe this service “delicious!”


For your haircut you can expect to get what you want. We will listen to you and make suggestions when appropriate but the bottom line is you get to decide what you want the end result to be.

The Blowout

We use the finest tools in the industry to give you an amazing blowout. Let us transform your locks and make you look and feel fabulous

The Color

As a Paul Mitchell-focused salon, we use “The Color” by JPM. This color formula has the least amount of ammonia which makes it the safest on the market. “The Color” comes in several shades that provide outstanding shine and beautiful tones. This color line is the absolute best in the industry for grey coverage.

The Mane Tamer

Mane tamer is a permanent straightening system. Have you always wanted straight frizz-free hair? Then Mane tamer is for you. This system is a process that will straighten your hair and eliminate the need for heating tools. For those that just want to soften their curl, this service is also an option.

The Keratin

We use one of four different “Lasio” formulas depending on your hair needs. The Keratin is a straightening service that will last about four months. This is a good option for people that don’t want to get rid of the curl permanently. All of our stylists have been certified in performing this service through extensive training.


Olaplex is a deep conditioning treatment that will repair your damaged locks. This service is excellent during a color service or by itself. No matter what condition your hair is in, Olaplex will make it better. This treatment is amazing!!!

The Roller Set

Let us transform your hair into old Hollywood style. The roller set is sadly a forgotten art. At Rocky’s, we will put some rollers in your hair, stick you under a dryer and provide you with water for hydration and snacks in case you get hungry. Once the rollers come out, watch out world, here comes Ms. Hollywood.

The Hi-Lite

We offer face-framing, full head, partial, cap, balayage, ombre… you name it and we will do it. Color and highlighting techniques are our specialty. We love transformations. We also have every fashion color known to man.

The Perm

Perming techniques have changed over the years, and thankfully, for the better. Back in the 80s, perming was the leading cause of hair damage caused due to the harsh chemicals that were used back then. 

Mens Services

Cut Shampoo, Color, Eyebrows, Beard Trims, Tea Tree Scalp Massage

All stylists are well versed in men’s haircutting. Whether it’s a “business conservative” do or a radical mohawk we can do it. We specialize in fades and beard trims. In between haircuts you are welcome to stop in for a complimentary neck trim.